Demon Folklorist

Demon Folklorist is a mishmash of host Victoria Jaye's three loves: horror movies, folklore, and demons. She uses her background in folklore and love of horror movies to deconstruct both types of stories for listeners. Her thesis research was on organizing demonic phenomena, so she can evaluate famous demonic cases and newer ones that enter the public's knowledge. Victoria also uses her skills to teach people how to recognize demons when they come across one. The 2nd Monday each month

Good Luck Sleeping

Two ordinary girls with extraordinary tales. From the creepy to the macabre, we discuss it all and laugh in the face of fear!

Shea's Paranormal Chat

Join Shea Carroll and special cohosts as they take an in depth look into paranormal investigating and the investigators who do it.

Who are they and why did they choose this field?

We will also discuss theories on the paranormal, investigation techniques, and a whole lot more!

REP Paranormal and Friends

Join hosts Kim and Alison from REP Paranormal Busters and their guests, as they discuss their paranormal investigations, equipment, data and more!

The Travelers Moon Podcast

Join "The Paranomad" Chris Nielson and Kelly "Moonspinner" McCarville in the Travelers Moon Podcast where they'll cover all things unknown and bizzare! Ghost stories, psychic mediumship, haunted locations, folklore, and everything else, you know...strange! Great conversations, awesome guests, and a few glasses of whiskey are sure to ensue!

The Paranormal Buss Stop

Hosts Darin Buss, Ashley Storm, Cynthia Gerodias, and Shea Carroll have interesting and intriguing round table discussions about everything paranormal, that you've been curious about, but been afraid to ask!

Spoopy Talk with Madison Smith

Everyone wants to know what spoopy means, if you look it up in the urban dictionary it is something funny and spooky at the same time!!

Madison is a 15 year old para investigator who is just trying to find her way in the vast universe of paranormal investigation. Her show brings youthful insight into the world of the paranormal. Her guests are mostly made up of investigators who have vast knowledge in the field, and she is just digging into their past on how they started investigating, as well as places the have investigated.

Exploring the Unknown

Taking stories from todays news! Rebecca and Shea will explore everything from the paranormal, supernatural, the strange & unusual, unsolved mysteries and more!

Join them as the delve deep into the unknown and the mysterious, taken from news headlines. 

Water cooler chat with a paranormal twist.

The Dying To Know Podcast

Join Lee and special guests as they scratch the surface of the paranormal world and phenomenons that are experienced.

After all we're all dying to know what awaits us on the other side!

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